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MSB Platinum dac IV


Product Description

“If there is a digital converter that can convince a die hard vinylphile that digital has at last arrived, this is the machine ”
“The Platinum lacks the standard digital byproducts that have become a staple of  “digital sound” and by disposing of those artifacts has ended up sounding more analog-like than many turntables people listen to”
Martin G. DeWulf, Bound for Sound

“To test the female voices, I chose Beautiful Female Voice in xrcd with many great artists like Emy Fujita, Dominica and Maricel Bedana and many more. Here, I shook for a moment. I’ve never loved, in digital, the extreme pursuit of detail with an often fake outcome. You analog friends know very well what I’m talking about! Luckily, after a few notes, I realized I was wrong. The DAC IV gives back very natural high notes, rarely tiring or cool, and you want to turn the volume up.”
Francesco Taddei, REMUSIC

“ The Platinum DAC IV (including Platinum Power Base) reviewed here cost a smidgin over $15,000 and delivers performance that’s as good–or better–than any other high-end DAC I have ever heard, even models selling at twice the price and more.“
“ …as you’ll see from the graphs, even the DAC IVs ‘worst case’ results are so exceptionally good — in most cases better than any other DAC I’ve ever seen — that this just won’t be an issue. To conclude, I have to say that I was gob-smacked by the incredibly high level of performance from the DAC: it truly and very effectively represents the state-of-the-art in digital-to-analogue conversion technology.”
Greg Borrowman and Steve Holding, Australia HiFi Magazine